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Portable LED Air Pump

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Be prepared for anything.

It's the mindset that most rational, forward-thinking people live by.

You've been driving your main vehicle for a while now. You find that your car tire has lost air overtime; or worse, you catch a flat. You're quite a distance away from the nearest car shop, and we'll take a wild guess that you either don't carry a spare tire or don't have the tools to change it. You need something reliable. You need something effective. You need it quickly.

But guess what - you bought a portable LED air pump that you keep in the trunk for instances just like this one.

With its built in lighting, easily fill your tires during night and day.

With its portability, store it anywhere most convenient to you.

What about speed? That was your biggest concern, wasn't it?

Worry not.

With its 18000 rpm high-speed motor, you'll have no problem inflating your tires quickly.

Oh, and in case you don't have a car, this air pump also works with inflatable bike tires and inflatable balls.

So... You ready to save money and gas from travelling just to fill your tires?

Here's your device.



Dimensions: 169*46*46mm

Weight: 480g


Product includes:

12V Portable LED Air Pump

Inflating tube

Air nozzle package

Cigarette lighter cable

Size Bust Width (cm) Waist Width (cm) Hip Width (cm)
S 80 64 86
M 84 68 90
L 88 72 94
XL 92 76 98
XXL 96 80 102
XXXL 100 84 106

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